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Solar Water Heaters


Type of Collector: Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)
Specifications: 47 – 1800 mm or 58 – 1800 mm
Inner Tank Materials: High grade Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Materials: Stainless Steel
Temperature: 65 degree C to 85 degree C
Method of Welding: Seam less and Non Welding Technology
Tank Insulation: High quality PUF materials
Tank Volume: 100 Ltr. To 500 Ltr
Frame Angle: 27 degrees
Stand Frame: Galvanized Powder Coated.
Type of Circulation: Thermo Siphon
Type of Grommets: Silicon Rubbers


  • Suitable for domestic(Home)applications
  • Stainless Steel Tig Welded Inner Tank
  • Superior Quality PUF Insulation
  • Pure Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Outer Cladding
  • BIS Marked Copper to Copper Absorber
  • NALSUN-Selective Coated Copper Fins for Higher Efficiency.
  • Weather Proof Collector Box
  • 4mm Toughened and Tempered Glass Glazing.
  • Pure Polyester powder coated stands and support
  • Available in Vertical and Horizontal Models
  • Indirect heating- Heat Exchanger type and Pressurized
  • Application systems are also available.

  • Solar Water Heater Tank Specification

    Material & Thickness: Stainless Steel – 304/GRP/Boiler grade steel
    Type : Cylindrical – horizontally assembled
    Size : Ø360, Length 1800
    Insulation : P U F.40-50mm
    Outer Cladding : Pre coated galvanized Steel/Aluminum
    Outer Finishing : Pure Polyester Powder Coating finish
    Outer Finish Color : Golden Yellow & Black combination
    Back up Heater : 2 KW With thermostat control 230V AC
    Material & Thickness : Stainless Steel – 304/GRP/Boiler grade steel
    Tank Supports : Fabricated and powder coated M.S. Tube
    Tank Testing : Factory pressure tested for normal systems is at 2 Kg/cm²
    Normal Working pressure of the system : Less than 1 Kg/cm².
    Interconnection Tank and Collector : EPDM Pipe

    Normal System Specification - Collector - FPC

    Type : Copper, selectively coated with “NALSUN” Black Chrome coating
    Size : 2080mm L x 1050mm W x 100mm H
    Absorber Material : Copper - Copper absorber
    No. of Fins : 9 No’s per collector
    Header Tubes : Copper, Ø25 mm, 22 SWG
    Riser Tubes : Copper, Ø12.5 mm, 24 SWG
    Header Protective coating : Polyurethane based coating
    Riser to Fin Joining : Ultra Sonic Metal welding
    Collector Box : Aluminum
    Protective coating on Collector Box : Pure Polyester powder coated - Golden Yellow
    Glass retaining angle / Aluminum : 25mm Pure Polyester Powder coated - Black
    Collector back sheet : Aluminum Screwed to the frame
    Back, Corner Sealing : Non Acidic Silicon sealant through corners and screw joint
    Top Cover/Glazing : Toughened glass, 4mm thick
    Glass Beading : High quality EPDM Rubber - Single Piece
    Absorber Flanges : 4 mm Thick Machined brass flanges, 63 mm dia, 4 bolt holest
    Gaskets and Grommets : High quality EPDM special shaped full Gaskets and Grommets
    Insulation Bottom : Rock wool, 50 mm 48 kg/m³ density
    Insulation Side : Rock wool, 25 mm 48 Kg/m³ density
    Reflective foil : Aluminum 50 microns thick for bottom and 0.45 mm for sides
    Collector Supports : Fabricated and Duly powder coated Mild Steel Sections

    Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

  • Daily hot water upto 800 C and better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  • No Scale formation and No pipe blockage will occur by using salt and hard water.
  • Compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain the Hot water for more than 48hrs.
  • Inner Tank made of High grade stainless steel used in marine application.
  • Non welded technology used for making inner tank to completely avoid inner tank leakages.
  • Suitable for bore well water and hard water usage.
  • Silicon rubber seal has no poison or smell encountered unlike cheaper and inferior models.
  • The water is kept clean at all times. This product has a long life expectancy and capable of resisting higher temperatures.
  • ISI Marked 2KW or 3KW Back-up heater with Thermostat (Optional).
  • Extra Auxiliary tank is fitted instead of air vent, withstands high pressure of cold water also minimize mixing of Hot and Cold water.
  • Completed 8 years of service with satisfied Customers Globally.
  • High transmissivity triple layered clog and choke free collector tubes.
  • Save upto 36,000 per year**