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Solar Power Conditioning Unit-: Manufacturer & supplier of wide range of DSP based solar PCU inverter

Range   (1KVA/2KVA/2.5KVA/3KVA/3.5KVA/5KVA/7.5KVA/10KVA)


  • High efficiency solar panels from export quality manufacturing facility using multi-crystalline solar cells with 10 years warrantee.
  • Intelligent decision making capability on the basis of continuous load monitoring to select the Mains/Solar Power / Solar Battery to drive the load.
  • Alphanumeric 16X2 LCD display for better system information
  • DSP based design with absolute and stable sine wave output voltage & frequency.
  • State of art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with dynamic stability.
  • Three Stage solar charging (TSSC) suitable for all type of battery charging
  • 2 Modes for charging: Economy Mode and Quick Charging Mode.
  • Power Saving through No Load Shutdown Feature.
  • Combined mains and solar intelligent constant current charging with solar power priority and load sharing capability.
  • Monitoring/Data logging feature for better system information at user end (optional).
  • User friendly, Intelligent control and On/Off switch with LCD indication on front panel.
  • Deep discharge battery charging from mains as well as solar.
  • More back-up being a sine wave UPS (ASIC Control).
  • No humming Noise (Silent UPS).
  • Selector switch for UPS mode / Normal mode.
  • Protection indications on LCD as well as with Buzzer.
  • Protections

  • Protections available with LCD available
  • Mains MCB Trip
  • Overload
  • Short circuit <5ppm
  • Battery low
  • PV Reverse
  • Solar MCB Trip
  • Over Temperature
  • Charging Profile

    The system has been provided with the flexible feature for charging selection incorporating the 2 modes as follows

    Charging Modes

  • Economic charging Mode
  • Electricity saving is considered as priority.

  • Quick Charging Mode
  • Battery charging faster considered as Priority.

    No Load Shutdown This feature is incorporated to save the power by preventing No load current shutting down the system if load is output load after every 30sec and maintains the mode if required.


  • LCD Display for better system
  • On/Off Switch to turn on/off the UPS/Inverter.
  • Solar Charge Controller

    Rayon Energy Offers a wide range of Electronic SPV Charge Controllers / Regulators with standard and custom built versions. The Standard model generally conforms to MNRE specifications.

  • Range : 12V to 192V DC
  • General Specifications and Features

    Housing material: ABS/MS (as per Requirement)


  • Fuse
  • LED indications

  • Battery charging in process
  • Battery Charged (Charging disconnect)
  • Battery deep discharge (Load disconnect)
  • Fuse Blown
  • Protection options

  • Battery Reverse polarity
  • Battery deep discharge
  • Battery Overcharge
  • 100% short circuit
  • Surge/lightning