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Standalone OFF Grid Solar Power Plant

Off-grid solar power plant is most versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence to the consumer. With Rayon Energy Standalone Roof Top Solar power plant, the customer can have access to power all the time even when there is no Power Connection. The customer does not have to depend upon diesel generators during load shedding hours. Our customized power plant solution is capable of running everything just like regular electricity and in fact, the quality of power is far superior compared to grid power in most places. Rayon Energy’s Off-grid Power Plants are not only green but also economical. It is best investment against ever increasing fuel and grid charges.

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Hybrid Power Plant is most use full for the places where Grid Power is available but people want to save money on their huge Electricity Bill. There is automatic switching between Solar- Grid-Battery. We set the priority through Solar PCU which assures us for maximum utilization of solar and Battery Bank and minimum utilization of Grid Power. Thus we can save 50 – 60 % on Electricity Bills.

ON Grid Solar Power Plant

ON Grid Power Plant is the choice of Industry where the load is significantly very high and most of the heavy load is running in day time. Or for the domestic purpose in metro cities where the Power is available all the time and NET metering is permissible by the govt so that they can save money by using their own generated power and also can export in case of excess power generated.

Important Key Notes

  • Space required for installation of 1 KWp system is approximately 150 sq ft/KWp
  • 100 KWp Solar Power Plant can reduce CO2 emission by 250 tons per year.
  • 100 KWp Solar Power Plant generate 500KWhr (500 Units) in a Day.

  • Solar Benefits

  • One Time Investment, No Fuel Cost & Low Maintenance
  • Never Ending Source of Energy
  • Silent Operation
  • Clean & Green Energy
  • Reduction in Carbon Emission
  • 25 Years Life of Solar Modules
  • 80% Depreciation in first year
  • Payback 3-4 years in Comparison of DG Set
  • Payback 6-7 Years in Comparison of Grid Power

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    Farm House


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