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Our Insulating Oil Filters are designed for the efficient treatment of insulating oil used in transformers, switchgears, substations and switching stations.
These filters perform filtration, dehydration and degassification in medium vaccum environment.
The plants are available with capacities varying from 250, 600, 1200 and 2400 litres per hour and are available either as semi mobile or fully mobile units..

The plant will be Semi Mobile or fully Mobile mounted & the casing shall be provided with doors of CRCA sheets, hinged on fabricated framework, angles and channels to have access to the operational controls and inspection windows etc. and shall be fully mobile/while mounted and shall be weather proofed and shall be suitable for outdoor use.
The plant components will have adequate strength and rigidity to withstand normal conditions of handling & usage.
The plant will be mobilemounted on trailer suitable for on-site filtration of transformer.


It will be a metallic strainer with magnet fitted in it. It will remove magnetic and suspended particles to protect the inlet pump from damage due to abrasive particles

  • Rating - 1mm.
  • Flow – as per rating capacity.

  • Inlet Pump Details:

    Positive Displacement type Gear Pump with following specification

  • Flow Rate – as per rating capacity.
  • Suction – 5Meters.
  • Provided with - Automatic Pressure By pass, flow control value.
  • Directly coupled with Electric motor of rating 2HP, 5HP three Phase.
  • The electric motor should be ABB/CG/Siemens and any conforming make.

  • Heating Chamber:

    It will be fabricated out of MS sheets, plates, pipes and structural. It will be provided with

  • Indirect type heating elements made out of Nichrome wire elements fixed in refractory formers and inserted in finned MS tubes welded to heater chamber plate.
  • Full load heater rating in kW – as per rating
  • No.of groups in which heaters are divided – 4 banks
  • Rating of each heater and total nos – 36 (3phase system)
  • Selector switch provided – yes
  • Maximum temperature of oil- 60`C
  • Temperature Indication – Dial sytem type thermometer.
  • Thermal insulation – Glass wool claded in CRCA sheets.

  • Filtration System:

    It will be suitable for removing suspended particles such as colloidal carbon, oxidation sludge, dirt, dust rust scales etc up to <1 micron. It will have following types of filters

  • Edge Filtration System
  • Rated output of filters –as per rating capacity
  • Rating – 20micron
  • Fine filtration system:- cartage filter ( micro filter 1 microne)
  • Rated output of filters – as per rating capacity
  • Rating – 1 micron

  • Degassing column :

    It will be fabricated out of MS sheets plates and structural. It will function as degasser and dehumidifier and should remove large portion of dissolved moisture and impurities. It will be provided with.

  • Shower arrangement and rasching ring trays for formation of thin oil film to get more exposure of oil to vacuum.
  • Sight glasses, illuminating lamps and float switch to control oil level.
  • Maximum vacuum pressure which the chamber is subjected during the process – 0.5 torr.
  • PRV before degassing camber & SCV after outlet pump will be provided to avoid flooding of degassing chamber in case of power failure.
  • Two float switch (Sensor) on the degassing chamber shall be provided for preventing excess rise of oil/foam level. It shall be electrically interlocked with Inlet pump.

  • Vacuum Pumping system (For degassing column)

    A high efficiency rotary oil lubricated vacuum pump shall be provided for evacuation of degassing chamber.

  • Oil lubricated direct drivan vacuum pump.
  • Free air displacement – 100miter cube.
  • Working vacuum - <1 torr.
  • Ultimate vacuum - 0.005 torr.
  • Preferable make: M/s H.H.V or similar make.

  • Transformer Evacuation by Pass system

    A high efficiency vacuum pump shall be provided for evacuation of the transformer. The vacuum pumping system shall have a dial type Vacuum Gauge (760 HG), ball valve, Airing Valve.

    Discharge Pump

    Positive Displacement type or glandless centrifugal canned motor pump Discharge pump with a capacity of 6kl. Suitable for sucking oil from the degassing chamber held under vacuum shall be provided.
    This shall be fully tested for pressure and vacuum leak rate. Provided with automatic pressure Bypass, SCV.
    The discharge head of the Outlet pump shall be 15Mtrs.

    N.R.V (Non-Return valve) at Inlet & Outlet

    One number NRV at inlet and Two number at outlet shall be provided. Inlet and outlet valve shall be provided manually.

    Oil sampling valve

    This valve shall be provided to collect the sample of oil for testing during operation.

    Airing valve

    One airing valve for airing the degassing chamber shall be provided.

    Gauges and Instruments:

    A dial type thermometer shall be provided at outlet and inlet at the heater tank for indication of oil temperature.

    Pressure Gauge

    One compound gauge on the housing pre filter chamber and one compound gauge shall be provided on the fine filter chamber to indicate the differential pressure.

    Independent drives

    Independent drives for oil discharge pump, oil inlet pump and vacuum pumps shall be provided. Motors shall conform generally to IS-325 and shall be of class-F insulation.Starter shall be of suitable type. Preferable make of motors: Siemens, ABB & Kriloskar.

    Control Panel

    All Electrical control Gear, Mains Isolating Arrangement, Protection system, Starter, Contactors , pilot lamps, Push Buttons, MCB, Relays, Indicating lamps and interlocking shall be housed in a compact control panels and made of CRCA sheets.
    A mimic diagram with indicating lamps shall be provided on the control panels.
    All wiring shall neatly rout and all wire termination shall be suitably identified with ferules.
    All MCB shall be of L&T/Siemens/ABB make and switchgear shall be of Telemechanic/L&T/Siemens/ABB make. The plant shall be suitable for operation on 415volts 3phase, 4wire, 50 Hz AC supply.

    OIL HOSES -2 Nos

    Two Numbers of Nitrile rubber hoses each 10Meters long with end connection on both sides shall be provided. One for inlet and one for outlet oil hoses shall be capable of handling the transformer oil at 100 degree `C and vacuum.

    Pipes and Valves

    The valves in oil line and vacuum line shall be of ball type. All pipes shall be of ERW and all joints in oil and vacuum line shall be flanged and shall have `O` ring sealing. `O` rings shall be of Nitrile rubber and shall be of round shape. The entire plant along with all components mounted shall be tested for a total vacuum leak rate of less than 1 Torr/Ltrs/Sec.

    Lifting Hooks

    Lifting hooks for plant shall be provided to facilitate ease of plant loading/unloading.

    Inspection and Testing

    The machine will be inspected and tested at the manufacturer site by the Department representative before dispatch of the machine.
    Complete manual containing details of flow chart and electrical single line diagram with rating and complete specification for all the parts of plant, plant operation and maintenance schedule to be submitted along with the machine.